Todd Mason
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


Welcome to my Website!

The mission:  Help busy people,  current & former workout warriors fix the obstacles that keep you from building muscle and burning fat.  Teach you how to train and eat for results in a sustainable way, while providing solutions and accountability to minimize setbacks.

This is perfect for those who workout at any level, from beginner to the experienced looking to push through plateaus.  I offer accountability,  bi weekly check-ins via phone, email, or video plus additional tips and motivation.  

Workouts for every situation!  You workout in busy gyms and can’t get to everything you want when you want?  No problem. I will show you how to pair up exercises perfectly and still attack any goal. You have some home equipment but not a lot?  I will show you how to make exercises more challenging without adding additional weight. More endurance, strength, and muscle is the result.  This is great for people who travel, work from home, limited time or babysit kids at home.

Have you gotten some results but feel stalled out? Let's get an idea of what you currently do and make smart adjustments to progress.  Workout programs for people with minor nagging injuries or in need of increased mobility less stiffness.

Nutrition counseling from tips and information, to a more detailed approach building up a nutrition plan that fits your life.

To get in touch with me, just click on  one of my socials in the top right corner of this page or email me at and send me a message.  Make sure you click on "about me" and pricing pages here!

Thanks for visiting, and have a great day.